[sr-dev] SRV record in via header not resolving.

Jijo realjijo at gmail.com
Thu Sep 27 00:31:19 CEST 2012


I'm observing  that Via Header domain name of type SRV is resolving as DNS

I looked at the code and it does support only A. It is basically setting to
default SIP port   check_via_address which is causing DNS A query.

Is there any specific reason to do so?

I changed the code to support SRV as below and working fine.

static int check_via_address(struct ip_addr* ip, str *name,
unsigned short port, *short proto*, int resolver)
//if (port==0) port=SIP_PORT;
if (resolver&DO_DNS){
DBG("check_via_address: doing dns lookup\n");
/* try all names ips */
he=sip_resolvehost(name, &port, *(char *) &proto*); /* don't use naptr */
if (he && ip->af==he->h_addrtype){
for(i=0;he && he->h_addr_list[i];i++){
if ( memcmp(&he->h_addr_list[i], ip->u.addr, ip->len)==0)
return 0;

/* check if IP address in Via != source IP address of signaling */
int received_test( struct sip_msg *msg )
int rcvd;

|| check_via_address(&msg->rcv.src_ip, &msg->via1->host,
msg->via1->port,* msg->via1->proto*, received_dns);
return rcvd;

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