[sr-dev] db version of nat pinger

Juha Heinanen jh at tutpro.com
Sat Sep 15 20:26:10 CEST 2012

Juha Heinanen writes:

> could it be that in db_mode=3, ul.get_all_ucontacts does not work at
> all?  any other ideas?

it turned out that if config is not making any save or lookup calls,
there is no domains registered in usrloc.  i got the records from
location table after i added usrloc mod param

modparam("usrloc", "preload", "location")

next problem is that usrloc complains about non-local socket:

Sep 15 21:14:01 siika /usr/sbin/sip-proxy[13380]: WARNING: usrloc [dlist.c:239]: non-local socket <udp:>...ignoring

so it does not help that nathelper has "natping_socket" module param
defined, because nathelper does not get a chance to override the

if the above is correct, there is two ways to solve the problem:

1) introduce "socket" param to registrar module or

2) add "non_local_socket_ok" param to usrloc module.


-- juha

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