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Content preview:  Hi there! Let me present you one of the largest worldwide
  enterprises where I work as a manager of HR department. This company is connected
   with different areas of activity, such as: - estate property - logistics
  - private undertaking service - etc. [...] 

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 0.4 RCVD_IN_XBL            RBL: Received via a relay in Spamhaus XBL
 0.8 RCVD_IN_SORBS_WEB      RBL: SORBS: sender is an abusable web server
                            [ listed in dnsbl.sorbs.net]
 0.0 T_RCVD_IN_SEMBLACK     RBL: Received from an IP listed in
                           [ listed in bl.spameatingmonkey.net]
                           [ listed in bb.barracudacentral.org]
 0.0 T_URIBL_SEM_FRESH_10   Contains a domain registered less than 10 days
                            [URIs: europ-joblist.com]
 0.0 T_URIBL_SEM_FRESH_15   Contains a domain registered less than 15 days
                            [URIs: europ-joblist.com]
 1.7 URIBL_BLACK            Contains an URL listed in the URIBL blacklist
                            [URIs: europ-joblist.com]
 1.5 URIBL_RHS_DOB          Contains an URI of a new domain (Day Old Bread)
                            [URIs: europ-joblist.com]
 0.0 T_URIBL_SEM_FRESH      Contains a domain registered less than 5 days ago
                            [URIs: europ-joblist.com]
 1.7 URIBL_DBL_SPAM         Contains an URL listed in the DBL blocklist
                            [URIs: europ-joblist.com]
 0.7 SPF_SOFTFAIL           SPF: sender does not match SPF record (softfail)
 0.0 UNPARSEABLE_RELAY      Informational: message has unparseable relay lines
 1.6 URIBL_WS_SURBL         Contains an URL listed in the WS SURBL blocklist
                            [URIs: europ-joblist.com]
 0.8 BAYES_50               BODY: Bayes spam probability is 40 to 60%
                            [score: 0.5240]

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