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The following task has a new comment added:

FS#134 - Gentoo ebuild/pkg
User who did this - Claudio Furrer (caio)

I don't think that keeping two ebuild specs, one for kamailio, and the other for ser, will be useful. Two packages, double mainterniship, common parameters, same Makefile, same source package.. hum..
I don't really undertand yet if sip-router project goal is to unify both branches or if we must treat it as a separated devel lines, kamailio or ser.
Maybe it's a large ebuild and have many conditions to check whatever is a K or S flavour, but want to be adjusted to the Makefile.

Regarding the k specific groups, you're right, I see them now, I'm going to add them.
There is also a bit of work to be done about the "exclude" conditions.

Thank you for you advice. It helps to make a better ebuild.

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