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FS#134 - Gentoo ebuild/pkg
User who did this - Claudio Furrer (caio)

Hi Daniel,

You can package any of both flavours just by specifying it in the USE flag when emerging it. It's a whole sip-router package which you can make your preferred flavour.

For example, by doing:

$ USE="flavour_kamailio debug group_standard group_mysql avpops" emerge sip-router
(here you will build kamailio flavours (kamailio as main name for binaries) including avpops module, mysql group and modules of the standard group, with mode debug ON).

$ USE="flavour_ser debug group_standard group_mysql avpops" emerge sip-router
(same as above but with SER as main name of binaries).

If you don't specify the flavour, the main name will be "sip-router", as the Makefile.diff does modify de $MAIN_NAME variable. It used to be "ser" if not flavour were specified, but I did a Makefile.diff by myself just to fix it. Maybe it's wrong, but just for my convenience I did it that way.

Hope it helps its usage.

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