[sr-dev] [Kamailio 1.5 LCR] gw with same IP but different port is not loaded

Juha Heinanen jh at tutpro.com
Sun May 30 07:45:52 CEST 2010

Iñaki Baz Castillo writes:

> This is, just gws 1 and 2 are loaded in gw_uri_avp (or sometimes gws 1
> and 3). Note that gws 2 and 3 have same IP but *different* port, so
> there is no reason at all not to load gw 3.
> IMHO this shouldn't be the behavior, in fact it seems buggy IMHO. I
> know that same occurs in 3.0 version. Any comment?


the comment is that currently uniqueness of gws is based only on gw's ip
address or hostname , i.e., port is not considered.  after quick look at
the code, it should be quite easy to add checking of port too.

> BTW I strongly think that LCR module should be improved and I would
> like to do it. Some ideas I have in mind:
> - Improve the tables design by having three tables: lcr_rules,
> lcr_groups and lcr_gws.

i cannot comment on this one unless you tell why three tables are

> - Allow loading same gw twice in gw_uri_avp when it belongs to
> different lcr_rule/lcr_groups.

if that is the port issue discussed in above, it can be done.

> - An option to enable/dissable a gw (by setting a 0 in a new "enabled"
> - column).

that already exists in 3.0 (see defunct column).

> - Am option to allow stopping lcr_rules, this is, if the lcr_rule is
> choosen (by priority/prefix/from_uri) and the request fails, no other
> gateways from other lcr_rules would be tryed.

why can't you do this in the script?

-- juha

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