[sr-dev] git:alexh/3.1/xavp: core: Set loglevel of pv_xavp_print to INFO

Alex Hermann alex at speakup.nl
Mon Dec 27 14:22:59 CET 2010

Module: sip-router
Branch: alexh/3.1/xavp
Commit: d51710a95b033dee783a92e22cff19fd35a2b823
URL:    http://git.sip-router.org/cgi-bin/gitweb.cgi/sip-router/?a=commit;h=d51710a95b033dee783a92e22cff19fd35a2b823

Author: Alex Hermann <alex at speakup.nl>
Committer: Alex Hermann <alex at speakup.nl>
Date:   Mon Dec 20 23:40:31 2010 +0100

core: Set loglevel of pv_xavp_print to INFO

If the function is used in a script, the user will probaly want to see the
result without flooding the logs with debugging info. This change makes the
behaviour consistent with avp_print().


 xavp.c |   26 +++++++++++++-------------
 1 files changed, 13 insertions(+), 13 deletions(-)

diff --git a/xavp.c b/xavp.c
index 6b19d40..e724f95 100644
--- a/xavp.c
+++ b/xavp.c
@@ -467,42 +467,42 @@ void xavp_print_list(sr_xavp_t **head)
 		avp = *head;
-	LM_DBG("+++++ XAVP list: %p\n", avp);
+	LM_INFO("+++++ XAVP list: %p\n", avp);
-		LM_DBG("     *** XAVP name: %s\n", avp->name.s);
-		LM_DBG("     XAVP id: %u\n", avp->id);
-		LM_DBG("     XAVP value type: %d\n", avp->val.type);
+		LM_INFO("     *** XAVP name: %s\n", avp->name.s);
+		LM_INFO("     XAVP id: %u\n", avp->id);
+		LM_INFO("     XAVP value type: %d\n", avp->val.type);
 		switch(avp->val.type) {
 			case SR_XTYPE_NULL:
-				LM_DBG("     XAVP value: <null>\n");
+				LM_INFO("     XAVP value: <null>\n");
 			case SR_XTYPE_INT:
-				LM_DBG("     XAVP value: %d\n", avp->val.v.i);
+				LM_INFO("     XAVP value: %d\n", avp->val.v.i);
 			case SR_XTYPE_STR:
-				LM_DBG("     XAVP value: %s\n", avp->val.v.s.s);
+				LM_INFO("     XAVP value: %s\n", avp->val.v.s.s);
 			case SR_XTYPE_TIME:
-				LM_DBG("     XAVP value: %lu\n", avp->val.v.t);
+				LM_INFO("     XAVP value: %lu\n", avp->val.v.t);
 			case SR_XTYPE_LONG:
-				LM_DBG("     XAVP value: %ld\n", avp->val.v.l);
+				LM_INFO("     XAVP value: %ld\n", avp->val.v.l);
 			case SR_XTYPE_LLONG:
-				LM_DBG("     XAVP value: %lld\n", avp->val.v.ll);
+				LM_INFO("     XAVP value: %lld\n", avp->val.v.ll);
 			case SR_XTYPE_XAVP:
-				LM_DBG("     XAVP value: <xavp:%p>\n", avp->val.v.xavp);
+				LM_INFO("     XAVP value: <xavp:%p>\n", avp->val.v.xavp);
 			case SR_XTYPE_DATA:
-				LM_DBG("     XAVP value: <data:%p>\n", avp->val.v.data);
+				LM_INFO("     XAVP value: <data:%p>\n", avp->val.v.data);
 		avp = avp->next;
-	LM_DBG("----- XAVP list\n");
+	LM_INFO("----- XAVP list\n");

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