[sr-dev] updating binaries without server crash

Klaus Darilion klaus.mailinglists at pernau.at
Thu Dec 16 16:40:33 CET 2010

Am 16.12.2010 13:36, schrieb Henning Westerholt:
> On Wednesday 15 December 2010, Klaus Darilion wrote:
>> When updating binaries of Kamailio (e.g. replacing a module) Kamailio
>> immediately shuts down, e.g.:
>> :<core>  [pass_fd.c:293]: ERROR: receive_fd: EOF on 14
>> ALERT:<core>  [main.c:741]: child process 15490 exited by a signal 11
>> When I update Asterisk I can replace the binaries and Asterisk keeps
>> still running. This is very convenient as the service disruption is much
>> shorter.
>> I wonder how Kamailio detects that the binaries were replaced. I suspect
>> it has something to do how the modules are loaded (seems like the fd is
>> still open). Is this a feature? Is it possible to change it (to be
>> similar to Asterisk)?
> Hi Klaus,
> do you observe this issue with different versions (e.g. also with old 1.5
> kamailio) as well? I don't remember that i saw something like this here.

I have not tested with 1.5. But I think it happened also with old versions.


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