[sr-dev] sr 3.0 release?

Daniel-Constantin Mierla miconda at gmail.com
Fri Nov 27 12:05:38 CET 2009

On 27.11.2009 11:35 Uhr, Jan Janak wrote:
> [...]
> Yeah, we have been testing those ser modules and it looks good (in
> fact too good) so far.
> I agree we should merge the doc changes, I can help with that (Andrei,
> let me know if you want to split the reviewing/merging work).
> Apart from that, I personally think we are almost ready to release and
> I think we should do it by Christmas.
> Daniel, how is the work with Kamailio 3.0 going? Anything missing there?
lab testing looks ok, but there are some hidden traps in the code (like 
those related to tm callback for local generated requests, how the 
modules are loaded and when the response function list is built, ...) -- 
code compiles, runs, but the behavior in some special cases might not be 

Therefore it was released a RC1, these days will be RC2 and then the 
full release (2-3 weeks).

Personally I think that merging doc changes (those inside the code) 
could create new issues and I would avoid it -- they will be in the next 
release and can be browsed online all the time -- from past experience 
there were not many reading code of stable releases, development happens 
within the trunk version.


Daniel-Constantin Mierla
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