[sr-dev] why new tcp connection?

Klaus Darilion klaus.mailinglists at pernau.at
Fri Nov 6 15:30:00 CET 2009

Juha Heinanen schrieb:
> Klaus Darilion writes:
>  > 2. server
>  > I use the pragmatic, and well working UDP approach. Just call 
>  > fix_nated_contact/register also for TCP clients. I never had any issues 
>  > with that.
> even when client is not behind nat like in the example of the
> discussion?

In this case it can work also with client receiving responses/in-dialog 
requests at advertised port (as long as the client is really listening 
on the advertised port).

But one of my favorites statement is: "Never trust the user". As the 
contact and Via headers are user provided data I do not trust it. Thus I 
always enforce symmetric signaling, regardless if client is behind NAT 
or not and regardless of the used protocol.*

The only exception is if the client is known to be asymmetric (then I 
have to screen the contact that at least the IP is the src_ip).


* I once used the somehow "academic" approach with hyper-intelligent NAT 
detection methods, but I ended up with the "pragmatic" approach which is 
easier, more secure and works IMO better.

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