[sr-dev] why new tcp connection?

Juha Heinanen jh at tutpro.com
Fri Nov 6 07:12:26 CET 2009

i started to test the latest sr_3.0 that includes andrei's tcp/socket
related changes.

twinkle is registered over tcp to sr using source port 59056 destination
port 5060.  in contact uri twinkle has put port 5074 (i need to configure
some fixed port there).

when another ua calls twinkle and i see this in syslog:

Nov  6 07:16:21 localhost /usr/sbin/sip-proxy[30133]: INFO: Routing first INVITE to <sip:jh_test_fi at;transport=tcp> and <<null>>
Nov  6 07:16:21 localhost /usr/sbin/sip-proxy[30133]: INFO: <core> [tcp_main.c:1928]: tcp_send: quick connect for 0xb54f3e60

when i look wireshark output, i see that sr has created a new tcp
connection to twinkle at port 5074 even when there is already is one, but
not to that port.

is this twinkle's fault, i.e., should it put in contact uri port 59056

or should sr figure out that twinkle in fact is behind the tcp
connection it created when it registered itself no matter what the port in
contact uri is?

-- juha

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