[sr-dev] OpenSER/Kamailio behind NAT

systeo hassen at systeo.biz
Mon Nov 2 17:22:41 CET 2009

Hi, I successfully installed Kamailio on the Amazon computing cloud (EWS),
and it runs fine. However, I can't get to it (register) from any UACs from
the public internet. In amazon, all the instances (i.e. "virtual machines)
are in a "private" IP, kindda like the private IP you get in a LAN. However,
Amazoin gives you a "public IP" that can be mapped to any machine instance
in your account, i.e. the machine that kamailio is running. However, when i
use this public IP in the configuration of the UACs, it cannot get to it.
How can I get kamailio to listen on this public IP? 

Secondly, and related to the first, when I run kamailio in my LAN (behind a
router), say on, and all my UACs are in the same LAN, say,, etc, I can register ok and make calls just
fine. However, when I try to come in from the public internet, no UACs can
register to my Kamailio server (running on, even though I am
forwarding port 5060 from my router to (where kamailio is
running). I think this problem is related to the first one, in that I cannot
get Openser (kamailio) to listen on a public IP, when it is behing a "LAN".
Can anyone help? 

Lastly, the same issue with rtpproxy also behind the LAN, but it needs a
pulic IP, right? Please help...anyonw.



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