[sr-dev] dns_try_ipv6

Juha Heinanen jh at tutpro.com
Thu May 28 21:32:36 CEST 2009

Andrei Pelinescu-Onciul writes:

 > dst_blacklist_init=off if you want it disabled without the possibility
 > to enable it later ar runtime.
 > use_dst_blacklist=off, if you want to start with it disabled, but with
 > the possibility to enable it later at runtime via rpcs
 > (e.g. $ sercmd cfg.set_int_now core use_dst_blacklist 1 ).
 > Note however that the blacklist in sr is ip based and not dns based
 > (I don't know how the blacklist worked in k).

i think i was mixing things up again.  sr variables are dst, not dns. 
perhaps they are not same thing at all.  in k,


The DNS resolver, when configured with failover, can automatically store
in a temporary blacklist the failed destinations. This will prevent (for
a limited period of time) openser to send requests to destination known
as failed. So, the blacklist can be used as a memory for the DNS

The temporary blacklist created by DNS resolver is named ??dns?? and it
is by default selected for usage (no need use the use_blacklist())
function. The rules from this list have a life time of 4 minutes - you
can change it at compile time, from blacklists.h .  

Can be 'yes' or 'no'. By default the blacklist is disabled (Default
value is 'yes').

if sip-router does not include dns blacklisting, then i can just delete
the line, because i was turning dns black listing off in k config.

-- juha

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