[SR-Dev] Any usable release up to now?

Anto aryanto at chello.at
Tue Jan 20 01:01:39 CET 2009

Thanks a lot Daniel.

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> Hello,
> along with the link in the other email, I just want to give more details 
> ...
> On 01/16/2009 09:13 PM, Anto wrote:
>> Dear All,
>> I wanted to seriously use OpenSER last September, but I dropped it after 
>> I read all the disputes. And for some reasons, I don't want to use SER or 
>> OpenSIPS. It looks to me that this SIP Router project is more promising 
>> especially for long run.
>> Now to the question. It looks to me there is no useable release of SIP 
>> Router up to now. Is that right?
> it is not an official release, usable is the master branch on GIT. There 
> are couple of developer branches where people work on different topics.
>> If so, when could we have the merged release of Kamailio and SER?
> I suggest to use either Kamailio 1.4.0/1.5.0(trunk) or SER 2.0/2.1 for the 
> moment. Both projects will make sure most of their features will be in the 
> same form in sip-router, therefore the upgrade will be easier. There will 
> be migration documentation for each one.
> I hope to get kamailio working with sip-router core by end of February. 
> Most of Kamailio developers are focused now to release 1.5.0 (to be done 
> second part of February, now being last week of development followed by 
> testing). Then main efforts will be for sip-router.
> There are two components I have under development now - making kamailio MI 
> and statistics compatible with sip-router - first is pretty much ready. 
> These two plus the db interface will make most of the kamailio modules 
> work seamless on top of sip-router.
> On another hand, sip-router is not just integration of kamailio+ser. The 
> config file interpreter for expression got lot of improvements, and new 
> things are added by each project.
> Cheers,
> Daniel
>> Kind regards,
>> Anto
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