[SR-Dev] git:janakj/postgres: Merge commit 'pg/master' into postgres

Jan Janak jan at iptel.org
Sun Feb 15 18:55:28 CET 2009

Module: sip-router
Branch: janakj/postgres
Commit: ca7cc3fe8c2455b2c57b4b1027394e92283298f4
URL:    http://git.sip-router.org/cgi-bin/gitweb.cgi/sip-router/?a=commit;h=ca7cc3fe8c2455b2c57b4b1027394e92283298f4

Author: Jan Janak <jan at iptel.org>
Committer: Jan Janak <jan at iptel.org>
Date:   Sun Feb 15 16:49:02 2009 +0100

Merge commit 'pg/master' into postgres

* commit 'pg/master': (46 commits)
  Fix problem in the previous commit: use ntohl() instead of ntohs() when
  - support for timestamptz column type
  - support for conversions from int to str
  Handle conversion between DB_BITMAP and postgresql int8 type.
  Put back functionality lost during DB API 2.0 conversion. Allo '/' to be
  We also need <sys/types.h> and <sys/socket.h> to get AF_INET on FreeBSD.
  Despite what some people believe there is no such thing
  - parameter name corrected
  - fixed wrong parameter value passed to PQexecPrepared
  - removing forgotten files
  - New postgres driver for the new db api in ser
  Pass parmeter types to PQexecParams() explicitly, otherwise PostgreSQL
  - relax db_init BUG check (allow db init from fixup functions)
  - fix the yesterday's fix: allow db_init from main if it's done from mod_init
  - fix:  db connections should not be opened from child_init(PROC_MAIN),
  - more warnings fixes
  - removed reference to serhelp at iptel.org, we will be using serusers at iptel.org instead
  - remove test function
  - DB_FLOAT support
  - export param types adjusted to PARAM_STR/STRING & PARAM_INT


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