[SR-Dev] git:master: * Modules: presence

Daniel-Constantin Mierla miconda at gmail.com
Thu Apr 23 10:51:50 CEST 2009


On 04/22/2009 01:11 PM, Juha Heinanen wrote:
> Module: sip-router
> Branch: master
> Commit: 59f30b6cbcf25d0ef0f517dad21fa8e711732293
> URL:    http://git.sip-router.org/cgi-bin/gitweb.cgi/sip-router/?a=commit;h=59f30b6cbcf25d0ef0f517dad21fa8e711732293
> Author: Juha Heinanen <jh at tutpro.com>
> Committer: Juha Heinanen <jh at tutpro.com>
> Date:   Wed Apr 22 14:08:51 2009 +0300
> * Modules: presence
> * Changed name of auth_status function to pres_auth_status.
> * Fixed and improved example (don't know how to generate new README).
I started two days ago docbook system migrating, there is a wiki page 
explaining how to add support to generate the docs for K modules:

Then some useful commands at:

Please add there if someone of you finds new commands.

However, Jan told me he is working on the makefile system for generating 
the documentation and he will add missing Makefile to K modules, so 
probably is better you wait a bit and all K modules will be ready.


Daniel-Constantin Mierla

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