[SR-Dev] master branch reverted 2 commits back

Andrei Pelinescu-Onciul andrei at iptel.org
Tue Nov 25 21:38:01 CET 2008

I've reverted the master branch back 2 commits back to:
7e69be0441a98653ea0d94c831f64a2947aa4fff (the current master head).

If you did git fetch origin  or git pull origin master yesterday or
today you need to make sure your local repo mirrors the undo on master:

git fetch origin

If you have a local branch tracking master, on which you haven't done
_any_ changes, use:

git checkout my_master            # example name
git reset --hard origin/master    # WARNING: you will loose all local
                                  # changes!

If you did merge (git merge or git pull)  master during these 2 days into 
one of your branches and you did some commit afterwards, backup
 (e.g. git branch my_branch  my_branch_backup) and then try:
 git checkout my_branch
 git rebase --onto 7e69be0441a98653ea0d94c831f64a2947aa4fff 8d41196809f014e00346785b6517bd2c4051901a

WARNING1: do it only if you have the offending commits in your branch.
You can check using:
 git rev-list my_branch |grep 7e69be0441a98653ea0d94c831f64a2947aa4fff
 git rev-list my_branch |grep 8d41196809f014e00346785b6517bd2c4051901a

WARNING2: look at the log and maybe run gitk. If it doesn't look ok you 
can revert: git reset --hard ORIG_HEAD

If you have local uncommitted changes, either commit them before, or use
git stash.


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