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Tue Nov 4 18:53:48 CET 2008


On 11/04/08 19:28, Jiri Kuthan wrote:
> Thank you Olle,
> I think your positive note is very encouraging.
> I'm similarly concerned about the actual outcome -- planning and striving
> for it is one thing, executing it yet another thing on our busy to-do-lists.

developing the features we will get to by this integration would have 
been taken lot more time than doing in this way. Also, later would have 
meant more time lost with integration. So yes, it will be work to do, 
but everybody will benefit from it.

> Nevertheless the willingness to work hard on it is very tangible
> and I really consider it realistic. And I'm willing to bet on its 
> success too :)

I do, too. The positive feedback we got from developers (before going to 
public, so no conspiracy :-) ) and from our users shows we are on the 
right direction.

In my opinion, (for me) coding is the easiest in open source. You get 
your pizza, vim, gcc and gdb (folks, don't get it literary!!!) ... but 
that is not enough. If we got here, then it is because everyone wants to 
do things better and are committed to.


> I would very much discount conspiracy, absorption and other discouraging
> and ungrounded concerns. In fact, if there is something which appears hard
> to follow, why Bogdan forked off SER with many strong arguments to openser,
> and now forked off from his openser to opensips with arguments remarkably
> similar to the former.
> "Serial forking" is not the kind of business I'm interested here at all.
> In fact, I think forking is a VERY BAD THING to do and I'm very strongly
> opposed to attempts discouraging unforking and encouraging other forks.
> More funded opinions than mine can be for example found here:
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fork_%28software_development%29
> Therefore thanks again to anyone putting effort on unforking!
> -jiri
> Johansson Olle E wrote:
>> 4 nov 2008 kl. 16.24 skrev Bogdan-Andrei Iancu:
>>> Hi Olle,
>>> Thank you for your thoughts. On a first view, it looks interesting,  
>>> but I'm missing some points here (important points):
>>> 1) as OpenSER was forked from SER because different views (and the  
>>> OpenSER view proved to be a very popular and successful one), I  
>>> wonder why, Kamilio is getting back to SER? not sharing any more the  
>>> OpenSER view as claimed? because such merging will definitely have a  
>>> great impact on the dynamical  and openness of the projects (like  
>>> releases, contributions, driving the project)
>>> 2) this major change of perspective (at least for kamilio) was a  
>>> backstage decision, kept secret from the community - shouldn't be in  
>>> the interest of the community to say if going back to the roots  
>>> (merging into SER) is something wanted or not? it somehow  
>>> contradicts the self existence of OpenSER, right?
>>> 3) the benefits you mentions are mainly optimization of the internal  
>>> project activities and not optimizations of the outcome - what the  
>>> project will deliver. And I guess this is the most important. We  
>>> already went though the experience of  large devel community,  
>>> frameworks, etc but with no outcome for more than 2 years...
>>>> From my personal perspective, the new project looks more like SER  
>>>> absorbing Kamilio (considering the sizes, the companies behind each
>>> project, the resources, and the man-power behind each project).
>>> And at the moment I would like preserve the OpenSER vision and to  
>>> have an open source project (a standalone one), far away from the  
>>> "control" of any Big Brother ;)
>> Bogdan,
>> Thanks for your feedback, which clearly indicates where you stand  
>> today. We will have to see what the community says, but so far, I've  
>> only seen cheers and applauds.
>> How this will work out in the future is something no one really can  
>> guess at this point. The more people that joins this effort and forms  
>> it, the better. The time to make it right is now, by working together  
>> and aligning the codebases as described, then working towards the  
>> future with new releases.
>> We'll see if the combined forces can produce any deliverys or not.  
>> Today, we can only hope and guess.
>> I think it's a great starting point that they have started talking,  
>> and agreed to work together on some parts. To me, it seems to be room  
>> for two final products stil, sharing the same core. One Kamailio and  
>> one SER.
>> After the developer meetings, I think it's time to call for a joint  
>> community meeting to have people active in the community - not only  
>> developers - in the same room, discussing benefits of working together.
>> I don't want to argue your standpoint, just hope that you will follow  
>> the progress and see if there's some benefits for OpenSIPS to join at  
>> some stage. Regardless, the GPL license allows you to benefit from the  
>> work as always.
>> I might be naive, but I do have a positive feeling about this :-)
>> /O
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