[SR-Dev] [Kamailio-Devel] [Serdev] AVPs

Juha Heinanen jh at tutpro.com
Sun Dec 14 07:59:16 CET 2008

Jan Janak writes:

 >   A long time ago we started using AVPs to store all kinds of configuration
 >   information. We needed some sort of general configuration mechanism because
 >   real-world scripts were getting too complex and at that time the AVPs were
 >   readily available.


i have been doing in kamailio exactly what you describe, but using radius.

a function that loads caller's attributes does not do anything to the
avp name (integer) in db, but a function that loads callee's attributes
adds a constant (say 100) to the name.  in cfg file, i then define m4
macros, like this:

define(`CALLER_LANGUAGE_AVP', i:102)
define(`CALLEE_LANGUAGE_AVP', i:202)

i too have domain level avps in a separate table and when avp's of a
user (caller or callee) are loaded, domain level table is access first,
then user level table.  this means that reply attributes returned from
radius are loaded into k avps in the same order.  if there is only a
domain level attribute, that gets used, but if there are both, the user
level one that was loaded later overrides the domain one.

in addition to user and domain level, i have uri level, i.e., if an uri
of a user has uri level attribute, it overrides the corresponding user
level avp value.

all this has worked fine for a long time and for this purpose, i don't
need any additions whatsoever to k's avp implementation.  for other
purposes (as daniel mentioned), it would be nice if avp value could be a

-- juha

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