[SR-Dev] git repository online

Dragos Vingarzan dragos.vingarzan at gmail.com
Fri Dec 12 15:42:36 CET 2008

I would really appreciate the SVN support. The thing is that I would 
like to link for example in the OpenIMSCore SVN the entire sip-router 
core with svn:external. So for projects that are now on SVN (also 
Kamailio), this might be valuable as to have as little stress on users 
while keeping the common code updated. But write support would probably 
not really be worth the effort...


Jan Janak wrote:
>   Well, we could probably setup a read-only SVN tree and perodically commit
>   stuff there from the git repository. But in that case the commit history
>   will most likely be lost. So, in fact, this would only be an SVN repository
>   containining automatically updated snapshots of what's being cooked in the
>   git repository.
>   My question is: Is this really worth it? 
>       Jan.
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Best Regards,
Dragos Vingarzan

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