[SR-Dev] Usrloc, Databases, and Caching

Martin Hoffmann martin.hoffmann at telio.ch
Tue Dec 9 16:38:15 CET 2008


I know everyone is busy getting this project off the ground, but I
think it might be worthwhile discussing the future on the side and
anyway, this regards the database API which sort of is currently being
nailed down.

Since we were talking about it internally, I was thinking a bit about
the future of usrloc. It has this thing where it caches entries in
memory. Now, technically usrloc is just a database (or maybe a database
on top of a database). Wouldn't it make sense to get rid of it and
instead implement a database module that caches and then simplify the
registrar module to use database queries directly?

This has the benefit that other modules can suddenly use caching, too,
if they want. In SER, the domain module for instance already does some
caching, so there is some code replication.

I believe the database API to be simple enough to provide caching
especially since the new model with pre-registered queries allows the
cache to be set up with those queries in mind.

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