[Kamailio-Devel] tobody, nameaddr and parameters

Alex Hermann alex at speakup.nl
Tue Apr 28 12:46:12 CEST 2009


I'm trying to extract the expires parameter from the contact.

The following script fragment:

1) TRACE("Contact: $ct");
2) TRACE("Contact expires: $(ct{param.value,expires})");
3) TRACE("Contact tobody uri: $(ct{tobody.uri})");
4) TRACE("Contact tobody params: $(ct{tobody.params})");
5) TRACE("Contact tobody param expires: $(ct{tobody.params}{param.value,expires})");
6) TRACE("Contact nameaddr uri: $(ct{nameaddr.uri})");

generated the following log lines:

1) Contact: "phone_3_0" <sip:phone_3_0 at;transport=udp>;expires=3600
2) ERROR:core:parse_params: invalid character [<] - expected ;
2) Contact expires:
3) Contact tobody uri: sip:phone_3_0 at;transport=udp
4) Contact tobody params:
5) Contact tobody param expires:
6) Contact nameaddr uri: sip:phone_3_0 at;transport=udp

My questions:

Why does {param.value,expires} trip over a '<' symbol (line 2)?

What is a tobody? I can't find any documentation on its structure. How is it different from nameaddr?

Shouldn't line 4 have returned "expires=3600"

Why is there no "{nameaddr.params}"?

How _do_ I extract the expires parameter (without parse errors)?


Alex Hermann

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