[Kamailio-Devel] race condition

Zappasodi Daniele Daniele.Zappasodi at seltatel.it
Thu Apr 23 10:34:26 CEST 2009

I have a problem with a race condition with the reply and retransmission.
Sometimes Openser (I'm still working with 1.3.x version) ignores the provisional reply and tears down the call after the fr_timer.
This happens only in a particulary conditions: 
I have a short value for fr_timer (5 sec);
the reply arrives very fast (I have gateway and proxy on the same box).

In this situation can happen that a child sends the INVITE (SEND_BUFFER in t_forward_nonack) and it is suspended by the scheduler before it can execute start_retr. 
Another child get the reply.
When the first child executes start_retr it sends immediately a retransmission for the INVITE and after 5 seconds (the fr_timer) it tears down the call with CANCEL, because it ignores the reply.

I know that this is a very improbable condition (even if I encountered it), but if you want to fix it, it should be easy to solve: in t_forward_nonack, before start_retr, it should be tested if another child has already received a reply. 
Something like this (t_fwd.c on head):

@@ -719,7 +719,10 @@
-                       start_retr( &t->uac[i].request );
+                       if(p_msg->REQ_METHOD==METHOD_INVITE && t->uac[i].last_received>=100)
+                               LM_DBG("Last received %d\n",t->uac[i].last_received);
+                       else
+                               start_retr( &t->uac[i].request );

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