[OpenSER-Devel] 1.4.0 release..

Henning Westerholt henning.westerholt at 1und1.de
Fri Jul 11 15:01:21 CEST 2008

On Friday 04 July 2008, Henning Westerholt wrote:
> [bugs]

Hi all,

the current bug situation against the trunk and 1.3 branch, actual count 29.

1912575    Core dump in xmlrpc server
1899005    Crash during CANCEL
1983626    Openser Memory Corruption
1934375    force_send_socket not working for TCP
1912041    CANCEL must not stop retransmission on INVITE
1983901    Retransmissions of 408 are not using received/rport from Via
1964515    Registrar does not add route header for CANCEL
1994311    1.3.2 No Via header in 487 Reply
1959944    no support for random selection of SRV records

1998765    1.3.2 Memory Corruption, related to tm
2000515    pua: crash in subs_cback_func
2015899    tm: E2E ACKs that end in the proxy are not recognized
1912110    presence: Core dump in on refreshWatchers
1995201    dialog: crash while handling BYE for redirected call
1864152    dialog module causes OpenSER to stop processing requests
1967114    dialog: tight matching failed for ACK
1963639    In-dialog request clobbers Dialog module timer value
1948949    dialog: BYE2BYE Patch #1642890 not fully implemented in V1.3
1912044    DIALOG - bogus critical log at dialog MI termination
1960100    Registrar's use of 'lookup' modifies DB storage
1950569    path: add_path_received() does not add transport
1979305    acc doesn't log multiple branches correctly
1989917    t_relay(proto:host:port) ignores the parameter if $du is set
1857636    [CPL] <otherwise> not taken if not "Subject" header
1968533    Malformed SDP if "subst_body()" and "use_media_proxy()"
1998833    pua_bla: registration (update/re-register) fails
1986657    usrloc permanent records and strptime problem
1958839    nathelper does not detect RFC 3330 ranges
1969445    uri_db: check_to() should allow hex escaped username

1911841    Radius dictionary in non-radius packages breaks packaging



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