[Kamailio-Devel] OT: "visual" patching

Henning Westerholt henning.westerholt at 1und1.de
Wed Dec 10 13:19:10 CET 2008

On Wednesday 10 December 2008, Klaus Darilion wrote:
> I am looking for a graphical tool/editor to show the result of a patch.
> For example if there is patch for the presence module, i want to see the
> potential changes (= reviewing the patch) and if everything is ok - apply.
> Does somebody of you know such a tool? Or how are you porting patches?

Hi Klaus,

i use 'kompare' a lot, to visualize patches. It also supports some operations 
on the patch, but i prefer to do this manually with my editor, and also apply 
them manually.



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