[Devel] Openser crash impact

lariny guy guylariny at yahoo.ca
Wed Jun 20 09:24:28 CEST 2007

  Openser is a transactionnal server and the transactions are independantes. I would ask you some questions about that:
  1 - Can two transactions of the same dialog be handled with two independantes opensers, an example of that is one openser deal the session establishement (INVITE/Trying/Ringing/200OK/ACK)and the other openser close the session with BYE/200OK/ACK.
     - Is there any impact for the dialog and for other modules,like the ACC wich has to determine the RTP session duration.
  2- When the server crash at RINGING, i redirect the other following messages(200OK/ACK) to another server. I think that i have lose the atomicity of the transaction. Is there any impact of that especially for the ACC module
  3 - Why the other modules, like ACC, use the TM module

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