[Devel] one more (possible) improovments of mysql module

Victor Gamov vit at lipetsk.ru
Fri Jun 15 00:08:41 CEST 2007

Hi Henning

> Hi Victor,
> yes, these functions does the same thing in this case. But fetch_result does 
> more operations (e.g. row counting) then store_result, so this would be 
> decrease the performance of the server. The store_result function is executed 
> from many modules.

store_result uses all same functions as fetch_result. It call 
db_mysql_convert_result() then many functions called by 

fetch_result more smart and do many works internally.

so if store_result and fetch_result haven't other differences we can 
increase performance because fetch_result don't make unnecessary 
functions calls. IMHO

Victor Gamov

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