[Devel] NOTIFY messages without body

Gabor Pierpont Gabor.Pierpont at indicia.nl
Thu Jun 14 12:44:22 CEST 2007

In our setup OpenSER 1.2 will be connecting with a SQL server 2005
After installing the presence module OpenSER generates notify messages
without a body.
After debugging the following file "pidf.c" in the function "str*
agregate_xmls(str** body_array, int n)" 
we discovered the following possible problem:
        xml_array[j] = xmlParseMemory( body_array[i]->s,
body_array[i]->len );
Where "body_array[i]->len" is always "0" despite the fact the
"body_array[i]->s" contains a correct string value.

We created a workaround for the moment by replacing the above line with:
        xml_array[j] = xmlParseMemory( body_array[i]->s,
strlen(body_array[i]->s) );
Can you please send more info about the origin of the problem? 
Is it possible this problem occurs when using a SQL Server 2005 database
or the unixODBC driver module?
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