[Devel] Re: [Serdev] follow up to the comparing test for SER and OpenSER from TransNexus

Greger V. Teigre greger at teigre.com
Tue Jun 12 16:14:47 CEST 2007

Hi Di-Shi,
In SER, there is at least two parameters that are different for the 
development trunk and the upcoming SER 2.0: Debugging and the memory 
AFAIK, debugging is turned off in RC1, 
http://www.iptel.org/ser_2_0_0_release_candidate_1, while the type of 
memory allocation has been changed in cvs tagged rel_2_0_0 i.e. upcoming 
RC2. Thus, I recommend that you check out rel_2_0_0 from CVS.

There is also a question of which approach you want to take in making 
your tests: (1) standard config the way each project "packages" the 
server, (2) in some way modified config (turn on/off etc), or (3) 
finally an optimized config (which a service provider would do).

I'm sure every large-scale provider (which will be at risk of getting 
high bandwidth and CPU levels) have each their own tweaks, for example 
the locking mechanism used. I would love to have an iptel.org page that 
documents all the various tweaks (if people will share).

Di-Shi Sun wrote:
> All,
> This e-mail is follow-up to our previous posting about tests we 
> performed at TransNexus comparing SER and OpenSER.  Our tests 
> were for wholesale VoIP carriers who want a straightforward, unbiased 
> comparison of OpenSER and SER.  As part of this goal, we purposely 
> chose the simple implementation of building each software with default 
> settings.
> Folks from the SER community have pointed out to us that building each 
> platform based on the default configuration does not lead to 
> an accurate comparison because debug and blacklisting settings for SER 
> and OpenSER are different and favor the performance results of OpenSER.
> Since our goal is to provide users with the most accurate comparison 
> possible, we are seeking feedback from both communities on what 
> changes should be made to the SER and OpenSER compile/configuration 
> options in order to measure an accurate comparison between the two 
> software platforms.
> We are considering re-running the performance test with debug and 
> blacklisting turned off for both OpenSER and SER based on advice 
> from folks in the community that this configuration will produce a 
> more accurate comparison.
> Does anyone else have any advice or input to offer before we re-run 
> the Performance Comparison test?
> Thank you,
> Di-Shi Sun.
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