[Devel] extra.xml

Henning Westerholt henning.westerholt at 1und1.de
Mon Jun 11 14:49:28 CEST 2007

On Montag, 11. Juni 2007, Juha Heinanen wrote:
>  > I could add a new file, e.g. openser-extensions.xml, and include here
>  > the extra.xml file which would provide the database and tables.
>  >
>  > openser-extensions.xml:
>  > <xml>
>  >    <x:include> with fallback - extra.xml:
>  >      <database>
>  >        <table 1></table 1>
>  >        <table n></table n>
>  >      </database
>  > </xml>
>  >
>  > I think this would work. What do you suggest?
> that would be better, because then i would not need to patch any schema
> files, just add new ones.
> i think you could drop extra.xml if you add openser-extensions.xml,
> i.e., what value would fallback to extra.xml bring?

I tried to implement a structure like this, were the databases tables could be 
included from the openser-extensions.xml document.

But this is not so easy, as there are namespace issues with the xi:include. If 
i add another top level tag (for the ns) that is not recognized from the 
stylesheets, no SQL gets generated. 

I moved the inclusion of the extra.xml to the new added openser-extensions.xml 
file. So for one table you must simply add a extra.xml file to the dir, if 
you need more you must add another xi:include the openser-extensions.xml 
Of course we could add the files extra-1 to extra-10.xml to this extension 
point, so there is room for 10 tables without changes.

Should i commit this, or should we stay with the current state?


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