[Users] Re: [Devel] New module: SIP Session Timer (sst)

Greg Fausak lgfausak at gmail.com
Mon Sep 18 17:05:13 CEST 2006


I just skimmed the RFC.  This is
a great feature!  I have a question about
what it does with respect to the OpenSER proxy.

Does the sst module refresh the session, or does this module
sit in the middle, monitor dialog time remaining, and remove reference
to the dialog if the timer value goes negative?  That is, it looks
like to me the session timer stuff is between the uas and the uac, but
I never have been very good at reading the RFCs :-)


On 9/15/06, Bogdan-Andrei Iancu <bogdan at voice-system.ro> wrote:
> Hi Ron,
> this looks super. Please upload the module on the tracker (just to have
> it there). In the mean while I forward your email on the users mailing
> list so people can show (or not) their interest for this new
> functionality. If there are no arguments against it, the module may be
> uploaded on the public cvs - of course you need to take care and
> maintain the module for the future ;).
> Regards,
> Bogdan
> Ron Winacott wrote:
> >Hello all,
> >       I would like to contribute the following new module to the OpenSER project.
> >If you find it usesfull, great, if not, sorry for the spam :-)
> >
> >The new module gives OpenSER basic SIP Session Timer support. See rfc4028 for
> >more information on SST. This new module uses the new dialog module to track
> >the creation, updating and termination of SIP dialogs. The dialog module
> >supports timed out termination of the dialog but at this time the timeout
> >value is hardcoded (avp accessable and modparam() settable)
> >
> >What the sst module does is uses the dialogs own callbacks to update the
> >dialog timeout value based on the current expire: header value.
> >
> >There is also a script function called sstCheckMin(min_se_value) that can be
> >used in a proxy configuration to reply with a 422 "Session Interval Too
> >Small" to a INVITE with a small MIN_SE value.
> >
> >As I see new functionality requirements of the module I will add it. If you
> >have a request for some new functionality in the SST module, please email me
> >your ideas.
> >
> >The attached file is a gzipped tar ball of the sst module directory tree. (cd
> >openser/modules tar -xzf sst.tgz to extract)
> >
> >Thanks for your time,
> >       ronw
> >
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