[Devel] Need help for openser admin installation

Ferianto siregar ferianto_voip at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 4 16:13:42 CEST 2006

Dear development team,

I am so sorry because of the email before. Maybe I am too panic because  this project is my final project in my campus and I must build it successfully in order I can graduate this year. And this is my first time to build it. So, I am confused where I have to ask and who I have to ask.
So, If I have some mistakes to all of you and to the policy of this mailinglist, I am so sorry. 
I do hope all of you can forgive me..Please forgive me..

Thank you very much,



Bogdan-Andrei Iancu <bogdan at voice-system.ro> wrote: Hi Ferianto,

please do not use all possible lists for posting your email. There are 
some policies about the topics that should be posted or not on each list.

first please just stick to the openser mailing lists and your topics are 
only related to openser.

secondly, do not post on devel list since your topics are about using 
something and not about developing.

please stick to these rules as people do not enjoy reading on the list 
emails out of topics.


Ferianto siregar wrote:

> Dear all,
> Thanks to every body in this forum. Thank you very much
> I tried to build openser admin in my openser server. But, I am 
> confused when i try to read the installation note. I do hope anybody 
> can help me to understand it. These are my questions about it:
> 1. As I read, the openser admin need ruby packet. For installation of 
> ruby, after we untar the packet, does we just type "gem mysql install" 
> command?Because as i read from the installation openser admin, there 
> are only this command.
> 2. When I try to build the openser admin, i got the error message. 
> Here is the message :
>ERROR 1064 (42000): You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the 
>manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right 
>syntax to use near 'VIEW usr_preferences_view AS SELECT
> id, username, 
>domain, attribute, type AS att' at line 1
>As I read from the message in this mailinglist before, this is because of the mysql version.
>I use mysql 3. Do i need use mysql 5? Where I can get the suitable varsion?
>That all my question. I do hope any body can help me.
>Thank you very much.

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