[Devel] Re: 1.1 abort()

Mark Kent mark at noc.mainstreet.net
Fri Sep 1 19:19:54 CEST 2006

>> openser1.1.0, freebsd, I get the abort() here:

OK, I can reproduce the failure now.  The failure happens
under these conditions:

UAC1 invites foo at openser, which triggers two branches.
Both phones ring, neither are answered, UAC1 sends CANCEL 
to openser box which is relayed to both phones.

PHONE1 says "487 Request Terminated", openser says "ACK"
PHONE1 says "OK"

PHONE2 says "487 Request Terminated", openser does not reply,
PHONE2 says "OK" (?)

Now it gets weird...

PHONE2 says "487 Request Terminated" again, and openser sends a CANCEL
to both phones, both phones say "OK" and then PHONE2 sends two
identical rapid fire "487 Request Terminated" messages and openser
crashes on the one of them...

The abort() is in a "ifdef EXTRA_DEBUG", but it looks like
there would be a memory leak if that code was skipped.
Also, I'm guessing the abort() is there because it indicates
that something wasn't handled as expected elsewhere in the code.

What should I do next? 


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