[Devel] bug with security concerns

Bogdan-Andrei Iancu bogdan at voice-system.ro
Fri Oct 27 17:31:47 CEST 2006

Hi Elias,

yes, it is good point.
even if 1.0.0 is an old version (the actual stable one is 1.1.0) we will 
try to fix it as I guess there are people still using it.

indeed, there are a lot f places (as Ron showed) where function without 
size limit are used, but in some case, by doing there is no way of a 
overflow (Ex: if I print an integer is a buffer of 12 chars, for sure it 
will not overflow).
But we should double check all of them to be sure.

I will appreciate if you can upload this on the tracker to have it in sight.

Thanks and regards,

Elias Baixas wrote:

> Hi all, I just found a bug in version 1.0.1 of OpenSER, in the 
> postgres module. I know that version is outdated, but it has some 
> security implications, so it maybe important to have it located and 
> fix it in branch 1.0.X.
> The function str2valp() uses a char buffer[256] to store a message 
> that will later be printed to logs, this message is printed using 
> sprintf, so if the value returned from the database is bigger than 
> those 256 bytes, that drives to a stack overflow vulnerability with 
> its security implications (DoS easily, and maybe arbitrary code 
> execution in more unlikely situations).
> Version 1.1.0 is not flawed by this bug, so I imagine someone must 
> already be aware of this.
> The default configuration of the postgres db used in OpenSER limits 
> most of the fields to 128 or 255 characters (when created with 
> scripts/postgresqldb.sh) so the vulnerability is not a concern if db's 
> have been created this way.
> In general, the common advice is not to use neither sprintf nor strcpy 
> to avoid this kinds of dangerous bugs, and substitute them for 
> snprintf and strncpy (which is almost always the case in openser 
> code), as well as %s by %.*s
> I hope it helps !
> Elias Baixas
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