[Devel] [ openser-Patches-1344272 ] Carrier ENUM support according to draft-haberler-carrier-enu

Juha Heinanen jh at tutpro.com
Tue Oct 10 18:02:45 CEST 2006

Otmar Lendl writes:

 > If you want to make I-ENUM a private tree then you'd have to define who
 > should have access to that tree. As the entrance barrier to being an
 > ITSP is rather minimal (What do you really need besides an OpenSer box,
 > a Database, a SIP/TDM gateway and someone who provides you with a SS7
 > uplink?), the numbers of "carriers" have ballooned recently.

equipment is easy to get, but in finland, once you declare yourself a
telephone company, a ton of regulations will hit you.

 > There might be solutions on a national level where the regulator steps
 > in and defines who should have access to that tree. We're living in a
 > globalized world, thus these national trees won't work unless they are
 > anchored to a unique global root. That leads to the question on whether
 > your Finnish telco will let some small ITSP from the Philippines access
 > the .fi I-ENUM tree.

i'll ask the regulator.

 > Regarding knowing which number is active: The Austrian ENUM trial
 > uses dns wildcards to cover whole number blocks as allocated by the
 > regulator. There is thus no more information about individual numbers
 > in there as already made public at the regulator's website.  (One
 > difference, though: ported numbers will show up.)

this was exactly my point.  in finland i would guess that a very
significant portion of subscribers have ported their number, so the wild
card trick doesn't work.

 > Regarding spammers: We don't make the assumption
 > that SIP URIs as published in I-ENUM resolve to
 > an open SIP proxy on the public Internet. See
 > draft-lendl-domain-policy-ddds-02, draft-lendl-speermint-federations-03,
 > and draft-lendl-speermint-technical-policy-00 for our proposal on how
 > peering decisions and routing can be tied to the domain of a SIP URI.

i'll take a look if i ever get so much time.

-- juha

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