[Devel] CVS commitlog: sip-server/mi attr.c attr.h fmt.c fmt.h mi.c mi.h mi_core.c mi_core.h tree.c tree.h

Bogdan-Andrei Iancu bogdan at voice-system.ro
Mon Oct 2 17:48:58 CEST 2006

User: bogdan_iancu
Date: 2006/10/02 08:48:58 PDT

  OpenSER CVS - Commit Details

  Added files:
    mi                   attr.c attr.h fmt.c fmt.h mi.c mi.h 
                         mi_core.c mi_core.h tree.c tree.h 
  Commit Log:
  Management Interface (MI) - interface to provide common functions and data structure between the implementation and transport part for management functions (external triggers for OpenSER); Disregarding the transport/connection type (fifo, unixsocks, netsocks), the implementation will be the same using the data structures (for reading the commands and writing the replies) provided by the interface.
  New specific OpenSER modules will implement the transport layer - they will read, parse and build the data structures according to interface specifications; the data is passed to the processing function (which are exported by whatever module or by core) - as reply the functions will return the response packed in some data type; this reply will be written according to the implemented transport layer.
  MI interface and future module for transport layer implementation will replace the current FIFO and UNIXSOCK removing the core dependency to the transport layer.
  Also the approach offers more flexibility from both modules and core point of view:
      1) core does not need to be changed each type a new transport is to be implemented; this will simple be a new module
      2) modules will not have to implement same exported functions depending of the transport layer (like one implementation for FIFO, one for unixsocks, etc) - will be only one implementation for MI and the function will be visible via all transport layers.
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.1       +168 -0    sip-server/mi/attr.c (new)
   [ http://openser.cvs.sourceforge.net/openser/sip-server/mi/attr.c?rev=1.1&content-type=text/plain ]
  1.1       +56 -0     sip-server/mi/attr.h (new)
   [ http://openser.cvs.sourceforge.net/openser/sip-server/mi/attr.h?rev=1.1&content-type=text/plain ]
  1.1       +47 -0     sip-server/mi/fmt.c (new)
   [ http://openser.cvs.sourceforge.net/openser/sip-server/mi/fmt.c?rev=1.1&content-type=text/plain ]
  1.1       +65 -0     sip-server/mi/fmt.h (new)
   [ http://openser.cvs.sourceforge.net/openser/sip-server/mi/fmt.h?rev=1.1&content-type=text/plain ]
  1.1       +121 -0    sip-server/mi/mi.c (new)
   [ http://openser.cvs.sourceforge.net/openser/sip-server/mi/mi.c?rev=1.1&content-type=text/plain ]
  1.1       +58 -0     sip-server/mi/mi.h (new)
   [ http://openser.cvs.sourceforge.net/openser/sip-server/mi/mi.h?rev=1.1&content-type=text/plain ]
  1.1       +297 -0    sip-server/mi/mi_core.c (new)
   [ http://openser.cvs.sourceforge.net/openser/sip-server/mi/mi_core.c?rev=1.1&content-type=text/plain ]
  1.1       +34 -0     sip-server/mi/mi_core.h (new)
   [ http://openser.cvs.sourceforge.net/openser/sip-server/mi/mi_core.h?rev=1.1&content-type=text/plain ]
  1.1       +209 -0    sip-server/mi/tree.c (new)
   [ http://openser.cvs.sourceforge.net/openser/sip-server/mi/tree.c?rev=1.1&content-type=text/plain ]
  1.1       +73 -0     sip-server/mi/tree.h (new)
   [ http://openser.cvs.sourceforge.net/openser/sip-server/mi/tree.h?rev=1.1&content-type=text/plain ]

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