[Devel] help needed debuging TLS

Klaus Darilion klaus.mailinglists at pernau.at
Thu Nov 30 14:25:48 CET 2006


I'm still debugging the reported TLS crash. Currently I wonder about 
different logs. I've installed openser-cvs on 2 different servers(both 
debian 3.1 with same kernel, one is my hetzner server, the other is a 
local vmware server).

The test scenario is connecting with eyebeam in TLS mode and then kill 
eyebeam which cause a TCP RST packet sent to openser. On one server 
(vmare) this also causes a SIGPIPE (13), but not on the other server.

I do not know if this can be related with the TLS crash, but anyhow does 
someone know how this can happen on one server, but not on the other?

vmware server:
openser[3008]: handle_tcpconn_ev: data available on 0x406b89f8 27
openser[3008]: DBG: io_watch_del (0x80ec4e0, 27, -1, 0x0) fd_no=17 called
openser[3008]: send2child: to tcp child 0 7(2992), 0x406b89f8
  tcp 0[2992]: received n=4 con=0x406b89f8, fd=23
  tcp 0[2992]: DBG: io_watch_add(0x80ec820, 23, 2, 0x406b89f8), fd_no=1
  tcp 0[2992]: tls_update_fd: New fd is 23
  tcp 0[2992]: _tls_read: Error in SSL:
  tcp 0[2992]: ERROR: tcp_read_req: error reading
  tcp 0[2992]: DBG: io_watch_del (0x80ec820, 23, -1, 0x10) fd_no=2 called
  tcp 0[2992]: releasing con 0x406b89f8, state -2, fd=23, id=1
  tcp 0[2992]:  extra_data 0x406c8b10
openser[3008]: handle_tcp_child: reader response= 406b89f8, -2 from 0
openser[3008]: tcpconn_destroy: destroying connection 0x406b89f8, flags 0002
openser[3008]: tls_close: Closing SSL connection
openser[3008]: tls_update_fd: New fd is 27
openser[3008]: tls_shutdown: First phase of 2-way handshake completed 
openser[3008]: tls_tcpconn_clean: Entered

hetzner server:
openser[15257]: handle_tcpconn_ev: data available on 0x404de868 25
openser[15257]: DBG: io_watch_del (0x80ec4e0, 25, -1, 0x0) fd_no=17 called
openser[15257]: send2child: to tcp child 0 7(15253), 0x404de868
  tcp 0[15253]: received n=4 con=0x404de868, fd=20
  tcp 0[15253]: DBG: io_watch_add(0x80ec820, 20, 2, 0x404de868), fd_no=1
  tcp 0[15253]: tls_update_fd: New fd is 20
  tcp 0[15253]: _tls_read: Error in SSL:
  tcp 0[15253]: ERROR: tcp_read_req: error reading
  tcp 0[15253]: DBG: io_watch_del (0x80ec820, 20, -1, 0x10) fd_no=2 called
  tcp 0[15253]: releasing con 0x404de868, state -2, fd=20, id=1
  tcp 0[15253]:  extra_data 0x404ee980
openser[15257]: handle_tcp_child: reader response= 404de868, -2 from 0
openser[15257]: tcpconn_destroy: destroying connection 0x404de868, flags 
openser[15257]: tls_close: Closing SSL connection
openser[15257]: tls_update_fd: New fd is 25
openser[15257]: INFO: signal 13 received
openser[15257]: tls_shutdown: First phase of 2-way handshake completed 
openser[15257]: tls_tcpconn_clean: Entered


Klaus Darilion

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