[Devel] dlopen(... RTLD_LOCAL vs. RTLD_GLOBAL

Bastian Friedrich bastian.friedrich at collax.com
Tue Nov 28 09:58:31 CET 2006


Am Montag, 27. November 2006 18:24 schrieb Bogdan-Andrei Iancu:
> I think we should go for the "best, but more difficult" option - how a
> module is to be load must be 100% transparent for the user, so this
> information should not reside in script, but in the module interface.


> let's have a new field in the interface saying how the module should be
> load - if set to RTLD_GLOBAL, the module will be accordingly reloaded.

I'm attaching a patch. It creates a new struct "mod_info" in the modules. 
Uppon loading a module, the symbol is looked up. If it does not exist, 
everything remains as it was; if it _does_ exist, it's currently single 
element dlopenflags is used for a second dlopen call.

Please tell me if this is approximately what you'd like.


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