[Devel] dlopen(... RTLD_LOCAL vs. RTLD_GLOBAL

Bastian Friedrich bastian.friedrich at collax.com
Fri Nov 24 09:38:27 CET 2006


Am Mittwoch, 15. November 2006 18:17 schrieb Bastian Friedrich:
> In a nutshell: With RTLD_LOCAL (default behavior on linux), perl segfaults.
> With RTLD_GLOBAL, t_relay segfaults :((

I've dug deeper into the topic:

* Yes, a shared library that is dlopen'ed and linked against perl needs
* If all modules but sl.so are loaded with RTLD_GLOBAL, everything is fine
* If sl.so is loaded with RTLD_GLOBAL, a segfault occurs in tm.so's code
  (huh???). At least, my gdb says so ;)

I was (yet) unable to find the reason for the segfault. Thus, I'd like to 
propose some options:
* Introduce a flag that lets the user configure whether RTLD_GLOBAL should be
  set. See attached patch: If the user configures
  'loadmodule "/my/module.so"', everything stays at it is. By appending a "G",
  RTLD_GLOBAL is configured: 'loadmodule "/my/module.so G"'
* Set RTLD_GLOBAL, and fix the segfault... I expect some symbol collision, but
  was unable to locate it :(
* Add an optional parameter to load_module(), plus a 
  path in the config parser. You'd 'loadmodule "/my/module.so", 1' then.
* Best, but a little more difficult: open module regularly. Try to call a
  function "getflags()" or something similar in that module. If it exists,
  close library again and re-open it with the new flags.

Looking forward to read about your opinions!


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