[Devel] Re: fix for Radius failed query logging

Juha Heinanen jh at tutpro.com
Mon Nov 20 04:32:58 CET 2006

Peter Nixon writes:

 > The amount of attributes that your (I guess you mean openser) stop records 
 > _currently_ contain have nothing to do with the issue at all. (Most NAS 
 > infact put much MORE info into the Stop records than the Start ones as that 
 > is typically the record you use for billing)

i was not clear.  i didn't mean attributes in the stop accounting
request, but attributes that i write to my mysql stop table when i
receive accounting stop request.  i only keep in stop table call id,
reason, and time (or something close to it), whereas start and failed
tables contain lot of other information.

now if we would do as you suggest, the mysql insert statement that is
executed when accounting stop request arrives, would need to be able to
differentiate between a failed request and normal stop request and based
on that, insert the (different) stuff either in stop table of failed
table.  this sounds far too complicated to me.

besides, as klaus told, radiator already supports accounting failed
request, so it sort of a de facto thing.

-- juha

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