[Devel] RADIUS Dictionary

Bogdan-Andrei Iancu bogdan at voice-system.ro
Tue Nov 14 15:39:44 CET 2006

This is a strange story.... For the values of Sip-Method attribute, 
openser does not use the dictionary, but it simply uses the internal 
bitmaks for encoding.

so, the dictionary is actually useful only for the RADIUS server :).

this is something I have on my to do list for the next release. We will 
align to the values defined by the draft and additionally add more for 
methods not covered.


Peter Nixon wrote:

>Can anyone tell me why the Sip-Method Values in the dictionary with OpenSER:
>### Sip-Method Values ###
>VALUE Sip-Method         Undefined      0
>VALUE Sip-Method         Invite         1
>VALUE Sip-Method         Cancel         2
>VALUE Sip-Method         Ack            4
>VALUE Sip-Method         Bye            8
>VALUE Sip-Method         Info           16
>VALUE Sip-Method         Options        32
>VALUE Sip-Method         Update         64
>VALUE Sip-Method         Register       128
>VALUE Sip-Method         Message        256
>VALUE Sip-Method         Subscribe      512
>VALUE Sip-Method         Notify         1024
>VALUE Sip-Method         Prack          2048
>VALUE Sip-Method         Refer          4096
>VALUE Sip-Method         Other          8192
>Dont match the values in draft-schulzrinne-sipping-radius-accounting-00.txt:
>             0  INVITE
>             1  BYE
>             2  REGISTER
>             3  CANCEL
>             4  OPTIONS
>             5  ACK
>             6  SUBSCRIBE
>             7  NOTIFY
>Not only does OpenSER have more values, but the integers dont match the same 
>values in the spec....

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