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Sun May 28 22:18:14 CEST 2006

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Submitted By: Nobody/Anonymous (nobody)
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Summary: Install fails on Solais 10 test

Initial Comment:

While attempting to install openser 1.0.1 with 'make install,' I ran into 
the following error on a Solaris 10 host:

$ gmake install prefix=/var/tmp/openser

ginstall -m 644 etc/dictionary.radius /var/tmp/openser/etc/openser/
etc/dictionary.radius installed as /var/tmp/openser/etc/openser/
#ginstall -m 644 etc/openser.cfg /var/tmp/openser/etc/openser/
if [ -z  ]; then \
                echo  "No TLS scripts installed" ; \
        else \
                mkdir -p /var/tmp/openser/etc/openser//tls ; \
                mkdir -p /var/tmp/openser/etc/openser//tls/rootCA ; \
                mkdir -p /var/tmp/openser/etc/openser//tls/rootCA/certs ; 
                mkdir -p /var/tmp/openser/etc/openser//tls/rootCA/
private ; \
                mkdir -p /var/tmp/openser/etc/openser//tls/user ; \
                touch           etc/tls/README /var/tmp/openser/etc/
openser//tls/; \
                ginstall etc/tls/README /var/tmp/openser/etc/openser//
tls/; \
                touch           etc/tls/rootCA/index.txt /var/tmp/openser/
etc/openser//tls/rootCA/; \
                ginstall etc/tls/rootCA/index.txt /var/tmp/openser/etc/
openser//tls/rootCA/; \
                touch           etc/tls/rootCA/serial /var/tmp/openser/etc/
openser//tls/rootCA/; \
                ginstall etc/tls/rootCA/serial /var/tmp/openser/etc/
openser//tls/rootCA/; \
                touch           etc/tls/rootCA/cacert.pem /var/tmp/openser/
etc/openser//tls/rootCA/; \
                ginstall etc/tls/rootCA/cacert.pem /var/tmp/openser/etc/
openser//tls/rootCA/; \
                touch           etc/tls/rootCA/certs/01.pem /var/tmp/
openser/etc/openser//tls/rootCA/certs/; \
                ginstall etc/tls/rootCA/certs/01.pem /var/tmp/openser/etc/
openser//tls/rootCA/certs/; \
                touch           etc/tls/rootCA/private/cakey.pem /var/tmp/
openser/etc/openser//tls/rootCA/private/; \
                ginstall etc/tls/rootCA/private/cakey.pem /var/tmp/
openser/etc/openser//tls/rootCA/private/; \
                touch           etc/tls/user/user-calist.pem /var/tmp/
openser/etc/openser//tls/user/; \
                ginstall etc/tls/user/user-calist.pem /var/tmp/openser/etc/
openser//tls/user/; \
                touch           etc/tls/user/user-cert.pem /var/tmp/openser/
etc/openser//tls/user/; \
                ginstall etc/tls/user/user-cert.pem /var/tmp/openser/etc/
openser//tls/user/; \
                touch           etc/tls/user/user-privkey.pem /var/tmp/
openser/etc/openser//tls/user/; \
                ginstall etc/tls/user/user-privkey.pem /var/tmp/openser/
etc/openser//tls/user/; \
                touch           etc/tls/user/user-cert_req.pem /var/tmp/
openser/etc/openser//tls/user/; \
                ginstall etc/tls/user/user-cert_req.pem /var/tmp/openser/
etc/openser//tls/user/; \
/bin/sh: test: argument expected
gmake: *** [install-cfg] Error 1

I recon this is related to the other problems I reported with the Solaris 
bourn shell (/bin/sh). Anyway to use /bin/bash if it's available?

- Ryan
matty91 at gmail.com


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