[Devel] modifying the database structure

Mike Williams mwilliams at etc1.net
Fri May 26 17:53:20 CEST 2006

I was wondering if modifying the database structure would have some kind of 
ill effects on the operation of OpenSER. For instance, the domain table has 
two columns, domain and last_modified. Having the value column also be the 
primary key is making it difficult for me to use it in any object relational 
mapping code, specifically in ruby on rails. Likewise, I can't do any foreign 
key constraints at the database level, so consistency checking is zero. I 
would like to add an id field instead and just specify that domain is unique.

I would like to release some source code for a very basic web interface I am 
working on, but I don't want to do so if I will immediately receive a million 
emails about how broken it is.

Often, I consider redoing the database structure completely, and then mapping 
views from it for OpenSER's use. This would also alleviate some of the 
problems I'm having with integrating OpenSER and Asterisk effectively without 
adding a million columns to the subscriber table. However, I also don't want 
to break the modularity that OpenSER currently has.

Any advice?


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