[Devel] Questions about uri_radius module (check_from and check_to)

Bogdan-Andrei Iancu bogdan at voice-system.ro
Fri May 26 10:21:24 CEST 2006

Hi Bruce,

Bruce Bauman wrote:

>It appears that the uri_radius module is intended to be an alternative
>to the uri_db module. However, the uri_radius module only exports a
>single function (radius_does_uri_exist()), whereas the uri_db module
>exports a similar function (does_uri_exist) plus 2 additional functions
>(check_from and check_to).
>A couple of questions:
>	Is there any reason why the uri_radius module doesn't export
>	check_from and check_to (or radius_check_from and
>	radius_check_to)?
so far nobody needed such functionality - to check the from/to user 
against the a radius DB. If you want just to to check the from/to 
against the credentials, you may use the uri_db module, but you need a 
dummy DB connection (even if not to be used) - if "use_uri_table" is 0 
(as default) no DB check will be done by these functions.

Maybe in the future this need a fix to make it more simple to used 
without any backend.

>	Why are the exported function names prefixed with radius_ ?
>	Wouldn't it be cleaner if the same functions were exported,
>	and you selected between radius or db via which module is
>	loaded?

the functions are exported by different module, so they cannot have same 
name - it will conflict. Also Radius and DB backends are not 100% 
compatible, so you cannot unify them.


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