[Devel] new major release roadmap

Daniel-Constantin Mierla daniel at voice-system.ro
Sun May 14 15:31:47 CEST 2006


as you could deduced from last mails, preparation for a new major 
release started. The problems in the past weeks with the CVS delayed the 

Initial plan was to freeze the CVS last week and go in testing phase (it 
will be announced very soon, once the all developers will be aware). The 
target is to release the new version 1.1.0 at mid of June (one year 
since OpenSER started). We will do the best to stick to that date, 
although it might be postponed for a bit, if the testing phase does not 
go smooth.

There were a lot of new features and improvements added to the 
development branch. Delaying a new release will make hard the migration 
to it.

In this testing phase we will integrate most of the patches posted on 
the tracker, with special care to TLS (thanks to Klaus for his 
contribution). Also, the modules will be reviewed to be aligned to new 
syntaxes and internals of the core.

Just to list some of the new stuff:
- statistics support in core
- NAPTR support
- direct access to pseudo-variables via avpops
- new modules: dialog, osp, path, siptrace, statistics, unixodbc
- lot of new features in: avpops, enum, rr, tm, msilo, pdt, nathelper, 
group, dispatcher, textops ... modules

To ease the migration, I have started a dokuwiki page to collect the 
changes and upgrade steps:

Hope some of you will contribute there. Testing development branch and 
feedback will be very appreciated.


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