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Daniel-Constantin Mierla daniel at voice-system.ro
Mon May 8 09:49:54 CEST 2006


On 05/08/2006 09:17 AM, Juha Heinanen wrote:
> daniel,
> should we also add script flags support to radius auth_radius and
> uri_radius modules? currently the syntax of SIP-AVP value returned from
> radius is
> (#|:)name(#|:)value
> i guess we would need to add an optional flag after name somehow, e.g.,
> (#|:)name[%flag](#|:)value
actually the storage model has not changed. It is only about memory. The 
main purpose was to make possible grouping AVPs (per caller, callee or 
other criterea - the avp_radius does something like that by name). 
Having 8 flags, 8 avp groups can be used and combinations of them can be 
managed at once via avpops functions.

I will send in a short time an announcement describing in detail the new 


> -- juha

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