[Devel] Error in running serweb. Please help me..Please

Ferianto siregar ferianto_voip at yahoo.com
Sat Aug 26 14:14:42 CEST 2006

Dear all,

First of all, I would like to say thanks to all of you for your help and suggestion to solve my problem untill now. Thank you very much.
Now, I try to install serweb_2004-07-27 in my openser server. I have read the installation note that I got from the serweb packet carefully. 
So, I can build the serweb in my openser server successfully. It means that it can display a login screen in the browser.
But, I have a problem when I try to login by using username "admin" with password "openserrw". (This is based on the installation note that I have read before)
I got error message. This is the error message :
Database error: Invalid SQL: select username, perms from subscriber where phplib_id = '721153ca8942ea1a08900f5b61b69a6c' 
 MySQL Error: 1054 (Unknown column 'perms' in 'field list')
 Session halted.
As  I try to understand from the error message, it says that there is no "perms" column. So I try to check it in the subscriber table in mysql.But, I did not find "perms" column in the subscriber table.
I just see these columns in the subscriber table:
-phplib_id                -last_name                    - sendnotification        - rpid

-username            -  phone                            - greeting                    -domn

-domain                -    email_address            - ha1                            -uuid

-password            - datetime_created         -    hdb1

-first_name          - datetime_modified        -  allow_find 

  -confirmation        - flag                                    - timezone

What should i do to solve this problem? What should I do if there is no "perms" column in the subscriber table? 
I do hope anybody can give me a suggestion because this is my first time to build the serweb and mysql. Please help me....Please...

Note: I user openser1.1.0-tls and serweb_2004-07-27
As I see from the error message that the phplib_id is exactly matched with phplib_id where username "admin" with password "openserrw" (from the subscriber table).

Thank you very much



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