[Devel] Questions about usrloc module

Justin Pearce justinp at pricevideo.com
Sat Aug 5 23:46:37 CEST 2006

I have been looking into rewriting the port that the contact record has,
because the UA we are using can't seem to use the right port
when initially registering (no, there is no option to use a different UA
:( ). From what I have read in the users mailing list, it seems that you
try to rewrite the Contact header but the rewritten header is not saved
to the location on the server. So, no matter how you rewrite it,
the contact record gets set to the original header.

The only solution I can see is to write some sort of module to allow
access to the functions in the usrloc module, which brings me to the
topic of this
message. Would you guys have any suggestions on the use of the
ul_update_ucontact function? I figure my best bet is to parse the sip
message to grab the URI and other information, rewrite the URI in my
with the provided port and then call the ul_update_ucontact function to
update the record. Does the ul_update_ucontact function effect contacts
already saved in a domain (like "location") and would it also update the
database records? The documentation seems a little confusing to me in
this area.

Any help or recommendations would be helpful.

Justin Pearce

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