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Category: modules
Group: ver 1.0.x
>Status: Closed
>Resolution: Out of Date
Priority: 5
Submitted By: Andrew Augustin  (andrew_augustin)
>Assigned to: Bogdan (bogdan_iancu)
Summary: Locally generated single-hop ACKs with bad Route header

Initial Comment:
Problem Description:-

We have a problem with ACK messages generated and 
routed for scenarios where an initiated call session 
fails to establish between A and B parties e.g. 
Unsuccessful No Answer, Unsuccessful Busy. The ACK 
messages are single hop locally generated responses to 
the sip error message e.g. '487 Request 
Terminated', '486 Busy'.

We are currently testing with 3 proxies running 
OpenSER v1.0.1 between A and B parties. 

The initial INVITE message is routed from A-Party 
through Proxy-1, through Proxy-2 before finally 
reaching B-Party. The Route header first appears in 
the INVITE message sent by Proxy-1 and is removed at 

There is an errored response message to this INVITE 
(e.g. '486 Busy' or '487 Request Terminated'). The 
errored response is acknowledged with a one-hop 
locally generated ACK at each point between B and A. 

I expected the ACK at Proxy-2 to take the same one-hop 
route as the original INVITE at Proxy-2, i.e. the ACK 
sent by Proxy-2 will contain routing data based on 
routing data from the INVITE previously sent by Proxy-

What actually occurs is that the Route header in the 
ACK sent by Proxy-2 is a duplicate of the Route header 
of the INVITE that Proxy-2 has RECEIVED from Proxy-1 
and NOT that of the INVITE message it had previously 

Further info:-

We are unable to remove this unwanted Route header 
from the ACK. This problem appears similar to a known 
issue described in the document: SIP Express Router 
v0.8.8 - Developer's Guide under section: 9.6.4 Known 

	"local ACK/CANCELs copy'n'pastes Route and 
ignores deleted Routes"


>Comment By: Bogdan (bogdan_iancu)
Date: 2006-08-04 10:34

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yes indeed, there was a problem with generating the 200 ACK
for local transactions.
It was fixed starting with the 1.1.0 version.
Since it is just a functionality bug, it will be backported
to  1.0.x stable versions - all backports stop to the latest
stable version witch is 1.1.0.
Please try to use this version.



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