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Sat Aug 27 00:50:07 CEST 2005


Can the change handle multiple registration of an address?


On 8/26/05, Daniel-Constantin Mierla <daniel at voice-system.ro> wrote:
> Hello,
> latest openser version from cvs includes a set of new functions (core
> and avpops) and pseudo-variable which allow to access and manage the
> value of dst_uri.
> The dst_uri field contains the address of the next hop, when the routing
> does not follow R-URI address. Such cases are Route header driven
> routing (dst_uri is set after loose_route() to the value of next Route
> header), contacts behind nat (dst_uri is set to the address of nat after
> lookup("location")) or dispatcher usage. The dst_uri has higher priority
> in routing over R-URI but less than explicit parameters in relaying
> functions (e.g., t_relay_to*()).
> The field was invisible from the script but it proved in the discussions
> on the mailing list to be important to access it. For example, to detect
> whether the caller and callee are behind same nat. Also, it can be
> checked in case of preloaded Route header to secure relaying to special
> resources (e.g., pstn gateway). With the new branch_route the value of
> dst_uri can be checked for each branch.
> A short summary of what was added:
> * core functions:
> - setdsturi("uri") - set the value of dst_uri
> - resetdsturi() - reset the value of dst_uri
> - isdsturiset() - test if the value of dst_uri is null
> * pseudo-variables
> - $du - value of dst_uri (added long time ago)
> - $dd - domain of dst_uri
> - $dp - port of dst_uri
> - $dP - transport protocol of dst_uri
> * avpops changes
> - avp_write() can read the value of dst_uri and write it in an avp
> - avp_pushto() can write the value of an avp in dst_uri
> Tutorials and dokuwiki will be updated soon.
> Daniel
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